Technical Briefing

Technical Briefing

Session types: Fully live session, Semi – live session and Pre-recorded with live Q&A session

Technical rehearsals

The recordings of the live technical rehearsals are available for those who missed it and for those who want to watch again:

  • Fully live session rehearsal (including voting) – Click here.
  • Semi – live session rehearsal (including voting) – Click here.
  • Pre- recorded with live Q&A – Click here.


Click here to read the instructions on how to join the live session.

  • Remember! All programming is in CEST Time Zone.
  • Please enter the live zoom link sent in your e-mail 30 minutes prior to the start of the live session
  • Write your Full Name when entering the link
  • Make sure you are only connected to this zoom link and not to anything else so as not to cause interruptions
  • Note the live Q&A may not start exactly on time due to the length of the streamed videos
  • Delegates will be able to submit their questions via chat from the start of the streamed videos
  • Presenters and moderators should wait until receiving the cue to go live from the technician
  • The moderator will run the live Q&A session, read questions out loud, addressing the appropriate speaker.
  • Moderators are kindly requested to ensure to end the Q&A on time. Should the session run over time unfortunately, we will need to stop the session.