Guidelines for Oral Presenters

Guidelines for Oral Presenters


  • Remember! All programming is in CEST Time Zone.
  • Please enter the live zoom link sent your e-mail 30 minutes prior to the start of the live session
  • Write your Full Name when entering the link
  • Make sure you are only connected to this zoom link and not to anything else so as not to cause interruptions
  • Note the live Q&A may not start exactly on time due to the length of the streamed videos
  • Delegates will be able to submit their questions via chat from the start of the streamed videos
  • Presenters and moderators should wait until receiving the cue to go live from the technician
  • The moderator will run the live Q&A session, read questions out loud, addressing the appropriate speaker.
  • Moderators are kindly requested to ensure to end the Q&A on time. Should the session run over time unfortunately, we will need to stop the session.

Format: Your presentation should be prepared in .PPT or .PPTX format. 
Ratio: Aspect ratio of your presentation should be 16:9.  
Layout: For live session presentations – Please keep the top right corner of your slides, free from title, text or images, as well as the bottom right corner (to avoid being hidden by your camera and other images) 
Read Tips and Recommendations for preparing your presentation. 

Please include the Congress template title slide with your name and title of your lecture at the start of your presentation, followed by the Conflict of Interest disclosure slide.  In compliance with EACCME requirements, all speakers have been requested to complete the conflict of interest form and disclosure slide.
CLICK HERE to download the title and disclosure slides template. 

Deadline to complete pre-recording session: Thursday, September 2, 2021 
Presenters will receive an email with information and the link to book a recording slot in early August. 

Read the step-by-step instructions on preparing the pre-recording you receive:

  1. Read the Technical Guidelines before booking your recording session.     
  2. Book Your Recording Session via the link you received in the instructions email and add it to your Calendar. Note you will need to book a recording slot for each presentation that you give.
  3. Finalize Your Presentation
  4. Attend the Recording Session

Please make sure that you do not record longer than your allocated time in order to avoid being asked to re-record. 

In order to prepare for your LIVE or LIVE Q&A session to ensure it will run smoothly, we ask you to join a technical briefing/rehearsal session closer to the Congress dates. Ahead of the technical brief/rehearsal session please arrange to have the same set-up as you would for the live session date. 

Should you be requested to prepare a pre-recorded presentation (to be used as back-up in the case of persistent technical issues), please refer to the pre-recorded presentation instructions.  

Please read the instructions on preparing for the live session below.    

  1. Finalize Your Presentation
  2. Join a Technical Briefing/Rehearsal Session - You will receive an email request in due course with options to join one of several live Q&A technical rehearsals OR dates to join a specific session rehearsal, depending on your session type.  Please note that the rehearsal session can take up to 1 hour although are usually finished in less time.  Note rehearsals take place approximately a week before the Congress.
  3. Join the Live Session. Read the detailed instructions on How to Join a Live Session.